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Delete Cookies, Temp Files and Web Tracks


Whenever you go on the computer, there is a tracking system. When you visit a web page, order something from the Internet, or read your email, the information is tucked away on the computer for future use.


The cache or Temporary Internet Files in your Windows operating system stores all the information. The information includes your identity and when you visited the website. This is known as cookies. Cookiesholds all the tracking information of all the places you have gone in your computer’s history files. With some programs the computer will also store information when you are offline and save the history of all the files you have launched, played, opened or viewed.

Normally, there is no reason for you to be concerned about this information being stored on your system. But, what if you wanted to give your computer away or sell your computer? The information that you have accessed is left on the computer through cookies.


Perhaps someone else uses your computer that you don’t want them to see the files. Even if you are not worried about your privacy, it will surprise you to know how much space the information consumes. This may have an effect on the speed of your computer if your drive space is not big enough. When this happens you may decide to delete these files. The dilemma you may have is not knowing how to do this. First, relax, it is simple, just read on.

Deleting Cookies, Temp Files, and Web Tracks

When deleting cookies, temp files and web tracks for systems Internet Explorer and above, follow these simple steps to delete the cookies and to clear out the temporary files:

1. Open your Internet Explorer Web browser and click on the " Tools " option.


2. Next, click on " Internet Options ".


3. Then, click on the " Delete File " option. This will be found on the " General " tab in the middle of the screen.


4. Check the " Delete all offline content" option.


5. Click " OK " The hourglass icon will begin to work. It is necessary to wait until it stops.


6. Finally, click on " Delete Cookies " and " OK " to remove the cookies the cookies, deleting the information regarding the various websites your computer system has stored on its hard drive.

Clearing the History in Internet Explorer:


1. Open the Internet Explorer Web browser. There you will find the " Tools " option, click on it.


2. Click on the " Internet Options "


3. Click " Clear History " on the " General " tab that will found on the middle of the screen.


4. Click " OK ".

To clean up the temporary files:

1. Click on " Start " " All Programs " and then you will need to click on

" Accessories " " System Tool " and " Disk Cleanup. "


2. Select the drive (which is typically the C Drive).


3. Check all the boxes found in the list.


4. Finally, delete the files.

This will ensure that all the information is deleted from your computer system and that your computer once again has the capacity to run full speed.



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